The HSE Approved Code of Practice (L8) advises that ‘organisations or individuals’, who provide residential / commercial accommodation or who are responsible for the water system(s) in their premises, are required to ensure that the risk of exposure to legionella in those premises is properly controlled.

Thus, business owners have responsibilities for their staff in this area

Our IOSH Certified Legionella Risk Assessors undertake a site survey to determine the risks posed to staff / visitors to the property from its water system. The results are then detailed in a report showing the risk level of the property concerned. These findings are supported by photographic evidence and system schematics as required by L8. Where necessary any remedial work required to lower the risk will be detailed on the assessment

Reoccupation after close down

Prior to a building being closed down for a period of 2 weeks or more it is advisable to shut the water system down but if that was not done it is advisable to carry out a reoccupation check.

If the water within a building was abandoned due to a shut down (Covid-19 lockdown maybe) then it is imperative that a water engineer carry out a reoccupation check to prevent an outbreak of legionella. The check needs to be done prior to reoccupation and not after because it will be too late.

The cold water needs to be checked that it meets the correct temperature. The hot water, depending on systems will need to be drained and cooked off at above 60 deg for a minimum of 10 minutes, chemical dosing will need to be applied.